Additional Relevant Course work

The codes for the Indian River State College grade transcripts are as follows: 

BCN1215-Methods and Materials of Construction, Finishes and Systems

BCN1765-Florida Building Codes and OSHA Regulations

BCN2592-Residential Energy Fundamentals

BCT1700-Construction Office Practices

BCN2440-Concrete Construction Methods

ETD1320-Introduction to AutoCAD drafting methods

BCN1214-Methods and Materials of Construction, Basic Structure

BCN1272-Plans Interpretation, Residential

BCT1562-Plumbing and Electrical Systems

BCT1760-Florida Residential Building Codes and NEC Regulations

BCN1721-Construction Accounting and Cost Control

BCN2275-Plans Interpretation, Commercial

BCT2772-Construction Estimating, Finishes and Systems

ETM1111-Energy & Building Design