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A Trusted Name in Home Inspection Since 1999 for House, Condominium, Commercial, and Wind Mitigation in Vero Beach,Sebastian,Palm Bay,Melbourne,Port Saint Lucie.

What we do for you

As a licensed Home Inspection company, we offer the basic services below and will tailor our visits to meet your needs. Not only do we show a presence through randomly scheduled visits that may help deter possible intruders, we also view your home through a functional lens as well. Providing you with peace of mind for your home away from home!

Basic – Exterior

  • Safety first, upon arrival check all exit points
  • Walk the property to check for any damage to mailbox and/or fencing
  • Visually check every outbuilding to include garage, shed and exterior of home before entry inside
  • Visually examine roof to determine soundness
  • Check for any attempts to gain entry to any locked areas
  • Notate if the lawn company is servicing properly and check for overly dry spots in lawn due to sprinkler damage
  • Check pool for cloudiness and low water levels

Basic – Interior

  • Check all entry points for safety
  • Upon entry walk through every room in the home, then a second more thorough check notating any damage or items to report
  • Visually check walls, ceiling and floors looking for obvious issues
  • In every room to include garage, turn on all the lights and fans to be sure in working order
  • In every room to include garage, check every window and door for any signs of water or damage
  • Ensure the HVAC system is operational
  • Check water flow
  • Inspect the electrical panel for tripped circuits
  • Visually check areas for biological activity or water stains and will enter attic or crawl spaces to determine origin of issues


  • Open refrigerator and or freezer to confirm it is in working order
  • Run water in sink faucet
  • Under sink check for water leaks that are easily visible
  • Engage garbage disposal
  • Open dishwasher to visually inspect
  • Check pantry space for any sign of pests
  • Check cabinets for any sign of pests


  • Open shower curtain to check for any sign of pests
  • Open vanity cabinets to check for any sign of pests
  • Run water in sink faucet and shower/tub faucet
  • Check under sink for any visual signs of leakage
  • Flush the toilet to be sure it is working


  • Check closets for any signs of pests
  • Check fireplace, if installed, for any signs of pests


  • Check that garage door is secured in down position
  • Check for any signs of pests
  • Determine any unusual odors

This list is not all inclusive of the services we offer. It is meant to give you an idea of how we performs our duties. Should any issues be found we work with you and an appropriately qualified professional to rectify the issue to your satisfaction.

An Honorably Discharged Veteran, Jim retired from the U.S. Coast Guard in 2008 after serving his Country for over 20 years. He began his career as an enlisted service member, and after four years, joined the CG Reserve and returned to college, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He returned to Active Duty and after attending Officer Candidate School and graduating at the top of his class, was assigned to the Marine Inspection Office in NYC as a Marine Inspector and Marine Investigating Officer. His inspection duties included commercial ocean going cargo vessels, gas/chemical carriers, cruise ships, and small passenger vessels. He worked extensively onboard and in dry dock repair facilities in the US and abroad. He continued his duties in supervisory capacities as he advanced and transferred to locations in Alaska, the east coast, and the St. Lawrence Seaway in northern NY. He excelled in his inspection duties and brought that dedication and attention to detail to Home Inspections. In addition to being a certified and licensed home inspector, Jim has spent 2015-2017 further educating himself about Florida’s building codes and regulations through Indian River State College. (Please see below for a list of the classes he finished and mastered). He and his partner, Rachel, have completed numerous personal inspections, renovations, and sales of residential and investment properties. They bring their personal drive for excellence to their client’s endeavors. Dependable and committed to their clients, Jim and Rachel strive to instill confidence and satisfaction. They work within the framework of a quality certifying organization, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) to ensure their accountability to their clients.

  • Retired, Honorably Discharged U.S Coast Guard Veteran with over 20 years Active Duty Service
  • Seasoned safety and security inspector as a Senior Marine Inspector and Marine Investigating Officer
  • Educated & Experienced team of rental property owners and maintenance specialists
  • Local & Community invested: Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce members
  • Quality & Cost Effective focused
  • Licensed, certified and insured
  • Client focused for ultimate peace of mind