Advantages to Buying a Home in Autumn

Thinking of buying a home? Now is a perfect time! The following article in MONEY explains why the fall is ideal for purchasing a new home.  Once you find your dream home, give us a call and we can help ensure your investment is sound.

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Helpful Hurricane Info

Hurricane Matthew threw all of us along the southeastern coast quite a loop! Thankfully Indian River County survived this hurricane with significantly less damage than expected. If you would like to be better prepared the next time a hurricane or tropical storm is headed our way, please read the following article and begin checking off your to-do list!


If you are planning to buy a home, having a quality home inspection done by an interNACHI-certified inspector will provide you with knowledge that will allow you to make a fully informed decision.  A wind-mitigation inspection will provide you with an even further detailed report about the quality of your roof and home, and the level of security you will have during severe weather, in addition to providing your home insurance valuable information for potential premium discounts. To find out more about wind-mitigation, please read the following:

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